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First hand accounts of women's experiences with midwifery care

"I really loved how knowledgeable my midwife is about birth and babies and the effort she puts into answering any questions. I felt prepared for my birth and loved the focused care she provided."


"Best care ever! My experience was incredible! I would recommend them to anyone I know that is looking for a natural birth experience."


"Amazing.. I'm so thankful to have had such a magical experience."


"I always knew my wife was strong but I have never and will never see her equal after watching her birth our children. She had the indefatigable support of midwives but she was the one to labor, push, and birth those new humans. I have never been more in awe of a woman."


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I'm SO glad we chose to work with Lori for our first pregnancy and birth. I felt SO supported and cared for every step of the way from the very first appointment at 8 weeks to preparing our home for birth to giving birth to the very last appointment 6 weeks postpartum where I cried like a baby because I was going to miss seeing her all the time! 

Working with Lori was SO different than what I had expected from my experiences in hospitals. Every prenatal appointment with Lori was an hour-long. I never felt rushed or like a number. I know she truly cares about me and my baby. We had plenty of time to go over my stats, tweak my care plan, and to ask all of my questions which took away (most of) the fear of giving birth. I felt so empowered and confident because Lori took the time to teach me about how my body works! I learned how to really take care of myself from supplements, foods to eat, and activities to support my ever-growing belly and baby! I LOVE that she has so many suggestions to naturally support the body - herbs, supplements, food, mindset - and I listened to all of it! I know it's why I had a really easy pregnancy at 35!

Having Lori as my midwife and planning a home birth meant I never had to worry about who was on call or who was going to deliver my baby. It was always Lori! For me, it was VERY important to know and love my birth team so when it came time to deliver, everything felt comfortable with these beautiful people that I'd come to know so well over the last 9 months. And it did!! 

Because of Lori, I was able to have a home birth with zero complications. There were a few times during labor that I didn't think I could do it. At that point, Lori had been with me for everything for the last 9 months so she knew me well and knew what I wanted for my birth. Lori coached me through all 24 hours of labor which included 2 hours of pushing to help me deliver our sweet baby boy at home. It was the hardest and most beautiful thing I've ever done and I could've never done it without Lori. 

Lori is an amazing, knowledgeable midwife with LOTS of experience and just a beautiful soul. It's so obvious that she is doing exactly what she was called to do. If you want a home birth, Lori is your girl! I really hope we are able to have another baby because I can't wait to do it again with Lori by my side.

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Midwives were there at not only the birth of my children, but the birth of me as a mother. With my first child, I received the incredible experience of midwives for my prenatal care. I felt heard, known, and empowered. I experienced the opposite of that care when a series of unfortunate events led us to a hospital labor and emergency delivery. I was shattered, even while I was grateful that my daughter and I were both healthy.
With our second born less than a year and a half later, I experienced the stark contrast in traditional obstetric care where I was constantly battling to be heard with the empowerment I had been given through the care of a midwife. I fought my way through but I felt like I was having to defend myself rather than feeling protected and informed.
When we were pregnant with our third baby less than a year after that experience I knew that I wanted midwifery care the whole way through. Given that I had a one and two year old already, having home visits for my prenatal appointments was an incredible blessing. The kids were involved in everything the midwife did - from measuring my belly to listening to the heartbeat.
That third birth was the most peaceful, empowering, and relatively "easy" birth of all of them. I labored through the night, my water broke around 5am, baby was born at 9am, and in my arms the moment after. We never left our bedroom. I was back in bed and stayed there two days. What an incredible healing experience - physically, emotionally, spiritually. 

I know that not every woman (or every birth) can be a home-birth or even a birth-center birth but if a woman is a good candidate I cannot imagine giving up the empowerment of owning your birth experience.



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