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WHO IS LISTENING? The results of our 2022 Legislative Candidate Survey

Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives sent a survey to the candidates of the House of Representatives for South Carolina. Out of almost 200 invitations, 31 individuals took the time to answer our questions.

The questions we asked were as follows:

  1. Do you support community births in SC for healthy low-risk pregnancies (this would include births that occur at home, birth center or at a physician's office).

  2. Do you support equal access to emergency care for families using a midwife?

  3. Do you support fair/equal reimbursement rates from Medicaid/private insurance for families using a midwife?

  4. Would you be willing to support/sponsor legislative efforts that improve access to midwifery care, emergency care and insurance reimbursement for healthy low-risk pregnancies in SC?

  5. Do you believe that collaboration between midwife/physician/providers are a more efficient assessment of health than regulation mandates?

Of the 31 candidates who responded, each of them demonstrated their support for midwives and answered "yes" to all five of the questions posed. Those who graciously took the time to respond are listed in no specific order below. If they chose to leave a comment that is noted as well. The remaining invitations went unanswered.

Your vote matters this election. Click on each Candidate's name for more information and a way to contact them.

Steven Long, Republican - District 37

Matt Vilardebo, Democratic Nominee - District 26

My wife and I used a Doula for the birth of our first child 20 years ago. Most of my family members have delivered their children at home or birthing centers. I 100% support midwives and home births!

Mark Willis, Republican - District 16

Mike Burns, Republican - District 17 I have sponsored, sponsored, and co-sponsored legislation previously on this issue.

Chandra Dillard, Democrat - District 23

John McCravy III, Republican - District 13

Chris Salley, Democratic Nominee - District 7

Thomas Beach, Republican Nominee - District 10

Ashlyn Preaux, Democratic Nominee - District 61

I have used midwives for both of my births. They are a tremendous resource and skilled at what they do.

Judith Polson, Democratic Nominee - District 3

My daughter used a midwife out of Charleston, SC twice. We loved her and the process, once at the Birthing Center and once at her home.

Evelyn Carlin, Democratic Nominee - District 52

Annie E. McDaniel, Democrat - District 41

As a rural community Legislator I support services that can benefit rural communities.

Jerry Carter, Republican - District 3

I supported this effort in the previous session and will support any new legislation that comes up on this matter.

Raye Felder, Republican - District 26

April Cromer, Republican Nominee - District 6

Ernest Mackins, Democratic Nominee - District 8

I believe that we should always have a choice in making decisions about our own personal health especially with the aid of a qualified physician.

Ryan Thompson, Democratic Nominee - District 108

Ken Fipps, Republican Nominee - District 119

I think women should have the freedom to make the decision on how to deliver their baby, and that any laws that put a burden on this should be done away with and replaced with those that allow more freedom.

Donna Brown Newton, Democratic Nominee - District 80

I believe in the practice of midwifery because 47 years ago when I had my first child I was assisted by a midwife throughout my pregnancy and delivery. This was a great experience for me with my first birth.

Joseph H. Jefferson, Jr, Democrat - District 102

I would not be alive today had it not been for Nurse Maud Callen and my Grand Mother, Ms. Lidia Theirse of Pineville, S.C.

Jordan Pace, Republican Nominee - District 117

Ilene Davis, Democratic Nominee - District 4

I feel collaboration between midwives and doctors helps reduce the low birth rate among low-risk pregnant women. The Affordable Care Act has increased access to care, decreased costs, and improved efficiency.

Barb Nash, Democratic Nominee - District 124

South Carolina has a high rate of maternal-child mortality. This state has been ranked as the worst state in which to have a baby. Some counties do not have hospitals and some do not have OB/GYN providers. We need to do all that is safe and competent to provide women with the care necessary care during pregnancy, the birthing process, and for mom and baby post-partum to lower our shameful statistics, especially for women of color.

Jermaine Johnson, Democrat - District 70

Michelle Brandt, Democratic Nominee - District 114

Daniel Shrief, Democratic Nominee - District 88

These issues are extremely important and should be supported.

Melissa McFadden, Republican Nominee - District 9

Carla Litrenta, Democratic Nominee - District 66

Keith Gray, Democratic Nominee - District 45

The proper inclusion (and insurance coverage!) of midwives fits in with my vision to rebuild rural health care! Of course, that is not to overlook the benefit to urban/suburban healthcare!

John Fritz Wiebel, Democratic Nominee - District 28

Dave Artushin, Democratic Nominee - District 112

We appreciate those individuals who took their valuable time to respond.


Below is the email that accompanied the survey:

The Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives takes pride in supporting the needs of SC consumers by offering learning opportunities to midwives and the community at large.

Midwifery in South Carolina has a long history that it shares with the history of humankind. In 1976, South Carolina became the first state to update the midwifery profession and dozens have followed suit.

To effect healthy outcomes, midwives strive to care for the whole woman. This approach yields exceptionally low rates of premature delivery, exceptionally high rates of successful breastfeeding, reduces the occurrence of low birth weight infants and supports the family unit.

Labor and delivery care is provided in the home or in birth centers. Women are free of restrictions in labor and give birth in the manner they choose. Close observation and patience with nature facilitate safe deliveries. Newborns are welcomed gently and remain with their mothers. Licensed Midwives tend to mother and baby’s stabilization, monitoring and examination with special attention to parent/infant bonding.

Consumer demand for the Midwives Model of Care has grown nationwide. Birth is the place to begin building a positive future for South Carolina. Safe, effective and satisfying maternity care starts with evidence-based health policy. We should begin that future now.

PALM - Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives Mission:

To serve as a resource of midwifery education,

To serve as an advocate for the consumer through public education and other mechanisms,

To promote the specialty of midwifery,

To work toward continued integration of midwifery in the healthcare system,

To uphold standards of excellence for midwifery practice through continued education of the members,

To provide a networking structure to identify and address professional midwifery issues,

To promote and improve the business conditions for midwives within the healthcare system.

We would love to know your beliefs regarding Licensed Midwifery care in South Carolina.

Thank you for your kind response to the survey. As always, we look forward to meeting with you at our #Fam4LM State House Midwife Awareness Days.

#FAM4LM #SouthCarolinaMidwife #Midwife #Midwifery #Pregnancy #Childbirth #SaveOurMidwives #NARM #CertifiedProfessionalMidwife

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