Which Local Candidates will Protect Your Birth Options? A Vote for Good Births

November is just around the corner and everyone is focused on the presidential candidates. While our national decisions are certainly important, let’s not forget our home state. Our local candidates are fighting for our safety in our own back yards and often their voices are the ones that decide more of our future than the national candidates.

As we make our choices for the election, don’t forget that your local legislators will be able to determine your future birth options. As hospitals and mass-marketed pseudo-birth centers are pushing for regulations that limit access to home birth and out-of-hospital care for healthy South Carolinians; we need strong legislators in the House and Senate who are willing to defend our freedoms as mothers, women and parents.

How do we change and improve maternity care so that babies and women are given safe options, and families enter their new roles with confidence and joy? We must begin seeing ourselves as consumers of a birth/insurance product rather than accept the dictation of our fate as mere patients.

As we decide which candidates to support this year, please keep in mind which representatives have stood with the midwives and have made birth choice options a priority during their tenure. Traveling to our statehouse to represent women and babies over the past few years, I found some representatives that overwhelmingly demonstrated support for our cause while others have seemed to fight in the opposite direction.

When you get the opportunity to discuss key issues with your representatives, don’t forget to ask them if they are prepared to help keep independent midwifery accessible to all areas of South Carolina.

If your representatives are unaware of the struggles for out-of-hospital births and alternative healthcare options, make sure that you inform them of the issues. Help them to understand that real options are only available when midwifery is autonomous and women are allowed to be an integral part of their healthcare choices. Hospitals and insurance companies should not be able to dictate who can is entitled to home or birth center delivery and the care should be available in EVERY area of SC, not just urban districts. Please…. when you find a representative that is supportive of keeping birth options available, share your findings with others.

Please tell us who is supportive of birth options rights, so we can support them and share the information with their constituents. Let SC Chapter of NACPM know who is supportive. Post your support on our Facebook wall or tag us in a post or comment so that others can see the candidates that are willing to vote in favor of efficient healthcare. We’ll help to distribute the information to others so we are all informed voters. We want midwifery consumers to contribute to and even help positive candidates with their campaigns.

What Changes SC Birth?

We must begin seeing ourselves as consumers of a birth/insurance product rather than accept the dictation of our fate as mere patients.

Here are some legislators that have sponsored favorable independent midwifery bills in the past:

Craig Gagnon, Abbeville

Mike Burns, Taylors

Jonathan Hill, Townville

Danny Verdin, Laurens

Mark Willis, Fountain Inn

Joshua Putnam, Anderson

Kit Spires, Lexington

Bill Chumley, Woodruff

Eric Bedingfield, Greenville

Bobby Ridgeway, Manning

Dwight Loftis, Greenville

Chris Hart, Columbia

Mac Toole, West Columbia

Anne Parks, Greenwood

Richie Yow, Chesterfield

Representatives who voted AGAINST Independent Midwives

In the opposite direction, Representative G. Murrell Smith from Sumter, has vetoed our bills and sponsored bills that require extreme physician/hospital supervision. Other sponsors of poor birth choice bills are:

G. Murrell Smith, Sumter

Jenny Horne, Summerville

Phyllis Henderson, Greenville

Gary Simrill, Rock Hill

Larry Grooms, Charleston

Paul G. Campbell Jr, Goose Creek

Marlon E. Kimpson, Dorchester

Article originally appeared at: https://issuu.com/carolinabirthcenter/docs/vote_birth_2

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