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To be considered for PALM membership you must be a Licensed South Carolina midwife in good standing. Complete the form below and submit it. Then in the section below you can pay your membership fees.

Midwives: $150/year

Students/Apprentices: $75/year

Membership dues are annual. If you are not a South Carolina midwife in good standing, your payment will be considered a tax-deductible donation.

There is a $5 convenience fee added if paying online (via PayPal). You may also bring payment to a PALM Meeting or mail a check to the treasurer.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to making your payment.

Code of Conduct

The Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives known as “PALM”, believes that holding ourselves to the highest standard of conduct and ethics is critical to the health and strength of our Association and to the clients we serve.
When there is any communication within PALM and/or representing PALM, we must maintain the highest level of professionalism in any and all venues. This includes respectful, courteous communication of viewpoints and actions while dealing with circumstances that present conflicting or differing opinions.
No conduct and ethics policy can anticipate and address every situation. In many cases common sense and good judgement will be the best guide. Members should make every effort to maintain the privacy of the group and confront differing opinions initially with those directly involved in the conflict. In situations presenting an impasse where appropriate conduct or ethical behavior is in question, it should be discussed with the PALM Board.
Any verbal abuse, slander, or otherwise inappropriate behavior by a member of PALM will be reported to the PALM Board, and immediate action will be implemented to include a meeting with the offender(s) / all involved and may result in a warning issued. With a second offense probationary measures will be implemented; a third offense may result in expulsion from PALM.

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PALM membership dues are annual. Midwife memberships are for Licensed South Carolina midwives in good standing. Student memberships are for midwife students & apprentices.

Select the appropriate button below to process your membership dues through PayPal. Please note, a $5 service fee is included.
If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact us prior to submitting payment.

Midwife Membership

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Student Membership

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