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Why join PALM?

Make your voice heard

PALM exists to educate South Carolina state representatives so they can make wise decisions when it comes to the laws and regulations that give women the dignity and freedom of choice in where and how they give birth.

PALM only exists because of the passion of those midwives who have joined forces to further this cause of education with a desire to see positive change in the birth choices available to the women and families of South Carolina.

Join your peers

Meet monthly with other midwives for informational updates, professional support, and peer review. Work together to keep midwifery in SC legal and safe.

Educational opportunities

As a PALM member you qualify for discounts on educational classes such as HIVE CE. Stay up-to-date on continuing education requirements and opportunities in SC.

PALM's Gold Standard of Care

The Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives strives for excellence in maternity care. Our midwife members offer these procedures at appropriate times with informed consent including proper counseling on risks, benefits, and alternatives. Offering a procedure may entail referral to any service that the midwife does not perform.

Maternal procedures offered with informed consent:

  • Standard labs* — including blood type & factor, antibody screen, CBC, and STI testing

  • Urinalysis* and culture

  • Genetic screening

  • Ultrasounds — early dating, anatomy scan, growth scan, biophysical profile

  • Glucose screening for Gestational Diabetes

  • RhoGAM*

  • GBS testing

  • At least two visits with a health care provider, including one within six weeks of delivery*

Infant procedures offered with informed consent:

  • Vitamin K

  • Prophylactic eye ointment*

  • Newborn metabolic blood screening*

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • Newborn pulse oximetry / CCHD

  • Newborn blood typing (for Rh- mothers)

  • Recommendation to have newborn evaluated by a healthcare professional within 14 days of birth*

* Procedures required to be offered per SC midwife regulations

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